In today’s article, we are going to see how to start or Stop Application from Running on Startup on Windows 10 The start and stop of application at the startup will help access the app quickly, but this starting the app on startup will consume some of the system resources and delay the startup. As the performance of the system degrades, it is good idea to run only minimal apps at the startup. Here the Apps can be disabled or off the taggle to stop or enable or on the taggle to start at the apps settings of the settings window. Even though this change of settings is easy, finding the settings on the settings window is little bit difficult for first time users. We are going to look at this settings in the below step by step walk through, follow this article to make your end easily.

Stop Application from Running on Startup:

Click on the Start icon or just press Windows + I

Then, search for Settings

Now, click on Apps

Stop Application from Running on Startup

Find Startup on the left-sidebar

Stop Application from Running on Startup

Now Enable or Disable according to your wish


In this article we have looked at toggling the on or off switch to make the apps enable or disable at the startup. Lets connect in another article on different Windows 10 settings. I look forward to joining you in those article.

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